Club Championship Points Table


Table is separated by Class

 VCAS rules for scoring our Club championship points shall be allocated at each round on the following scales:

Outright: 1st to 10th: 10 points down to 1 point

Class: 1st to 10th: 10 points down to 1 point

2023 SHSCC Club Championship will include all classes listed below with trophies at the end of the season for 1st 2nd and 3rd 

You must compete in 3 rounds to be a contender and also be a current SHSCC member with all rounds counted with the exception of VCAS. Each 2 day event counted as 1 rounds with full points for each day.

Twlights not counted just for for.

Club Champion's 2023


By Class

Vehicle Firstname Lastname Class Place TOTAL
Hyundai Excel Wayne Adams C 1 30
Mitsubishi Lancer Rick Graves D 1 50
Ford Focus Hatch Neil Donnan D 2 47
Mazda 3 Karli Vallence D 3 39
Holden Commodore Terrence Ingram E 1 106
Mitsubishi Magna Kelvin Jobling E 2 91
Holden Astra Ryan Baker E 3 37
Holden Commodore Robert Goff E 4 31
Hyundai Excel Zara Hawkins - McGillivray J 1 60
Nissan Bluebird Mason Dunster-Jones J 2 38
Mitsubishi Lancer Kerry Graves L 1 40
Holden Commodore Charles Ingram P 1 104
Ford Falcon Gregory Cray P 2 91
Mazda 3 Jason Vallence P 3 32
Datsun Stanza Nathan Adams P 4 24
Mazda 3 Mario Muscat P 5 23
Chev 1K Leon Caccaviello S 1 30
Subaru Impreza WRX Tanya Cooper W 1 71
Subaru Emily Caccaviello W 2 29

Congratulations to all fantastic year.

There where many more who competed during the year but as this system is worked out by hand i only add the ones that could get close toward the end of the season.

 file and years totals


last updated 27-11-23