Working Bee Plans


Here you can find a list of current projects that we are trying to complete some tasks have  a PDF doc giving a more detailed brief of task




Project - Investigate if practical extending water to start and finish line_.pdf

Project - New Race control.pdf

Started but still being completed

Project - Pit lid setup to sewage tank.pdf

Started but still being completed

Project - Water Leak.pdf


other projects

 Tank farm to supply water for water tanker

Track maintance

Trenching for wiring of race control

Painting of tyres

Sealing inside of water tanker

painting water tanker and signage

control water on tanker

work out power useage in the bus

Many more wrapped tyre bundles


Things we are after


Please let us know if you have a lead on any of these items

Multi wheel roller

3" petrol water pump

3" valve

2 x 3" cam lock fittings m/f

4 to 6 tall poles about 7 meters long to use at staging and startline to hold banners over 12 meter span

Water tanks chasing 100,000 L storage

4 amber rotating becons for saftely lights perfer quartz halogen one like on the trition it just works very well.

White paint must be un opened to go throu airless sprayer lumps will kill it.





For help with cordination please call Chris 0422036369